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Finetech Membrane Filter

Membrane filters are surface filters used to remove or collect particulates and microorganism for analysis. They are typically used in both the filtration of liquid and air. Finetech’s broad offerings of membrane materials (PTFE, regenerated cellulose, nylon, cellulose nitrate, polycarbonate, etc.) provides the user with an array of solvent compatibility options and applications. Some membrane materials are also available in sterile format


Finetech’s membrane materials are high quality and imported from USA, Japan, and Europe. PTFE membrane is made in Taiwan. All of our membranes are handled in a Class 10,000 clean-room to ensure it is at its kept at its highest quality and not greatly affected during our processing. We can also provide customized diameters and pore sizes according to an individual’s specific needs.

Membrane Filters (Disc/Roll)

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