PM 2.5 Membrane Filters

​​​​​​​◆ Key Features:

Model No.: M-PTFESR047N200O

Hydrophobic PTFE Membrane

Membrane Size: 46.2mm

Pore Size: 2.0µm

Support Ring: Polypropylene

Package: 25pcs/pk


PM 2.5 PTFE Membrane is a high-purity, thin membrane for PM 2.5 ambient air monitoring. Each membrane has low chemical background and a chemically resistant polypropylene support ring for added strength. Each piece has a printed number on the support ring. The low tare mass allows for accurate gravimetric determinations.

No glues or adhesives are used in making of the membranes. Its design eliminates curling, keeping the membrane flat and allowing for automation use.

Meets EPA reference method for PM 2.5, under the requirements of 40 CFR Part 50, Appendix L. 

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