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PTFE Roll Membrane


​​​​​​​◆ Key Features:

  • Membrane Size:

13mm, 25mm, 47mm, 90mm, 142mm, 293mm, and custom  sizes.

  • Pore Size:

from 0.1um to 10um

FINETECH hydrophobic PTFE Membrane has great particle trapping and the excellent chemical, biological resistance. So it can be directly applied to liquid or gases filtration.

In addition, because of its natural hydrophobicity, low friction and low adhesion, it owns great self-cleaning ability and could extend the service life.

The operation temperature of the PTFE Membrane is up to 270℃. To improve durability, we can provide different polymer materials as supporting layers.

Available in wide range of diameters.

◆ Typical Applications

- Air Vent / Ventilation

- IV Filter Vent
- Transducer Protector (TP)
- Bacterial Air Vent
- Sensor Protection Cover
- Filtration for acidic, alkaline

   and organic solvent 
- Drip Chamber Spike Vent

- Urine Meters/Bags
- Insufflation Filters

- Suction Canister

- Air Sampling

- Surgical Ultra Low Penetration Air Filter

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