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Finetech Microbiological Filter System


Finetech’s complete vacuum microbiological filter system is designed for quick and simple filtration. The system consists of a durable 316 stainless steel manifold, sterile micro funnel filter unit, a reliable vacuum pump, and a waste bottle.

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microbial monitor Filtration System.jpg


Micro Funnel Filter unit

Ready-to-use disposable sterile filtration unit allows for quick and simple operations. Unit easily converts to petri dish for convenience. 



Vacuum Pump 

Reliable and simple to operate. Oil-free and low maintenance. Available in piston or diaphragm type pump.

Waste Bottle


Waste Bottle

For the collection of liquid waste during filtration. Durable construction with overflow protection.



Vacuum Pump Air Filter

(sold separately)

Adds another layer of protection to your vacuum pump. Hydrophobic PTFE membrane helps prevent vapors from entering and damaging your pump.

*Recommended to be replaced often to prevent damage and maximize airflow efficiency

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