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【Finetech】Micro Funnel Filter Unit



Micro Funnel Filter Unit

Features and Benefits:

◆ Time-saving: Completely sterilized and ready to use funnel reduces the time needed for sterilizing after each use, allowing tests to be completed up to 3 times faster.

◆ Complete system: After filtration, product can be converted to a petri dish and incubated.

◆ Easy to use: Simple and ready to use immediately after opening.

◆ Safe: Individually packaged, sterile, and disposable means no fire hazards or biological hazards from aerosolization.

◆ Multifunctional: Removable base can be turned into petri dish for immediate incubation after filtration.

◆ Reliable results: Completely sterile and disposable system greatly reduces possibility of cross contamination and improves reproducibility of results.



◆ Model No.: FC-MCE100G045I

◆ Packaging: 24pcs/CTN

◆ Material: PP

◆ Membrane: MCE

◆ Pore Size: 0.45um

◆ Membrane Diameter: 47mm

◆ Funnel Capacity: 100mL

◆ Sterilization: EO or Gamma

◆ Designed for easy membrane removal and transfer

◆ Convertible to petri dish for direct incubation

◆ With special grooves for easier removal and transfer of membrane to petri dish

◆ Lid and removable base for converting into petri dish









◆ Ordering Information 

Model Number




EZ-Tech sterile disposable 47mm MCE 0.45um micro funnel filter unit, 100mL



EZ-Tech 3-place 316 stainless steel manifold, with sterile disposable 47mm micro funnel filter unit, 100mL*3



EZ-Tech 6-place 316 stainless steel manifold, with sterile disposable 47mm micro funnel filter unit, 100mL*6




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