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Stainless Steel Vacuum Manifold

Key Features:

  • SUS 316 stainless steel construction

  • Excellent chemical resistance

  • Individual control valve

◆ Features

  • Constructed  of SUS 316 stainless steel

-High chemical and temperature resistance. Set can be sterilized by steam, oven and other sterilization methods.

  • Individual Control Switch

-Each filter holder has its own control valve, allowing the use of just one place for small jobs, or all places for larger jobs.

  • Set includes 316 stainless steel 300mL filter cup (caps sold separately)

  • Warranty Period:

-1 year: free parts & services


◆ Applications :

  • Filtration for suspended solid test

  • Filtration for microbiology test

  • General laboratory filtration

Assembly Instructions

■ 3-Branch