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SPE Vacuum Manifold

12 Ports

24 Ports

Solid phase extraction is the use of solid adsorbent to adsorb target compound and the separation of interfering compounds in a liquid sample. The elution step separates and purifies the target compound, reducing sample matrix interference and improve the detection sensitivity. SPE is used in various types industries such as food safety testing, pesticide residue monitoring, environmental analysis, and chemical analysis laboratory.

◆ Features:

  • Solid phase extraction manifold is made of transparent glass and has high corrosion resistance.

  • The vacuum manifold can tolerate high vacuum and with no deformation after long-term use.

  • Uniform pressure throughout the vacuum chamber.

  • Extraction speed is consistent and with easy controls to adjust.

  • Multi-channel can be controlled independently; the connector can resist high corrosion.

  • Internal test tube rack made of PTFE, and has high corrosion resistance.

SPE vacuum manifold diagram

  1. Support frame of the sealing cover

  2. Sealing cover

  3. Drainage guide

  4. Connector for drainage guide

  5. Regulating valve

  6. Vacuum pressure gauge

  7. Support frame for rack

  8. Vacuum chamber

  9. Test tube

  10. Rack for test tubes

  11. Suction nozzle (connect with waste bottle)

  12. Waste bottle (not included)

  13. Exhaust nozzle (connects to vacuum pump)

◆ Assembly Instructions:

  1. Put the rack support frame (7) into vacuum chamber (8). Put the test tube (9) into the hole of the rack (10).

  2. To add the support frame for the sealing cover (1), screw in the four support frames on the underside of the sealing cover (2).

  3. Insert the drainage guide (3) into the bottom of its connector (4). Make sure it is inserted securely. Then, lay sealing cover (2) flat onto the vacuum chamber (8).

  4. Insert the regulating valves (5) into the connector for drainage guide (4) tightly and make sure it is sealed securely. The flow rate of the liquid can be adjusted by turning the knob on the regulating valve.

  5. Then, connect the exhaust nozzle (13) of the waste bottle to vacuum pump. The pressure gauge (6) shows the vacuum pressure of the vacuum chamber.

  6. It is recommended to clean the waste bottle and its connector each time after use.​

cartridge connector

Universal Cartridge Adapter

flow control valve

Flow Control Valve

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