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FT Solvent Safety Waste Caps

◆ Key Features:

  • Purifies harmful volatile gases from the waste container.

  • Protects lab staff from hazardous fumes.

◆ Description

Collect and store solvent waste safely. Safety waste caps lowers the risk of exposures to hazardous fumes and improves air quality in the lab.

-Purifies Solvent Fumes

Activated carbon exhaust filter purifies harmful volatile gases released from the solvent waste container.

-Closed Waste System

Tight seals provides reliable performance, preventing unfiltered fumes from polluting the environment.

-Protects Health and Environment

Exposure to hazardous fumes for lab staff are reduced, improving the working conditions of everyone in the lab.

Solvent Safety Waste Cap Diagram


Model Number: WCS-0212

Thread: GL-45

Port No.: 2


Model Number: WCS-0050

Exhaust filter


Model Number: WCS-0214


Thread: GL-45

Port No.: 4


Model Number: WCS-0060

PP hose barb connector for 6.4-9mm tubes


Model Number: WCS-0224


Thread: S60

Port No.: 4


Model Number: WCS-0044

3.2mm PFA fitting

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