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FT Solvent Safety Caps (GL-45)

◆ Key Features:

  • Protects solvents from outside contamination.

  • Prevents evaporation of solvents.

  • Protects the lab staff from hazardous fumes.

◆ Description

Store or extract solvents safely from their bottles. Safety caps lowers the risk of exposures to hazardous fumes and improves air quality in the lab.

-Prevents Contamination of HPLC Mobile Phase

Vent filter prevents outside contaminates larger than 1μm from contaminating expensive solvents.

-Airtight Seal

Tight seals helps to prevent the lost of solvents to evaporation.

-Protects Health and Environment

Exposure to hazardous fumes for lab staff are reduced, improving the working conditions of everyone in the lab.

Solvent Safety Cap Diagram


Model Number: SES-0111

Thread: GL-45

Port No.: 1


Model Number: SES-0110

Replacement venting valve


Model Number: SES-0112


Thread: GL-45

Port No.: 2


Model Number: SES-0113

Thread: GL-45

Port No.: 3


Model Number: SES-0114


Thread: GL-45

Port No.: 4

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