Cap & Pre-Slit PTFE/Silicone Septa (SC9FF9F)

◆ Key Features:

​Model No. - SC9FF9F

9mm Screw Top Caps and Septa
Blue caps- PP material
Septa - natural PTFE / white Silicone

Pre-Slit - yes


Globally Unique Leading technology !

◆ Finetech Sample Advantages

Finetech® Sample : Pre-slit PTFE / non-slit silicone septa.
Sample (B) : Non-slit PTFE /silicone septa.
Sample (C) : Pre-slit PTFE /silicone septa.

  1. Finetech® Sample will not be dropped off after punching many times, which is better than Sample (B) as (Fig1).

  2. Finetech® Sample can keep better volatility of solvent than Sample (C) as (Fig3).

  3. Finetech® Sample lows down the damages of micro-syringe than Sample (B).

  4. Finetech® Sample lows down the resistance of punching than Sample (B).

  5. Finetech® Sample is made of the original PTFE and Silicone.

◆ Punch Test

Ⅰ. Septa and cap are assembled as (Fig2)
Ⅱ. Simulator : digital Tensile Strength Test Machine to measure resistance force
Ⅲ. Measure the strength of a flat needle to punch septa

Digital Tensile Strength Test Machine

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