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RNA Extraction Columns (Spin Column)

​​◆ Key Features:

  • Extracts RNA from tissues, cells, plants, and blood.

  • Yields up to 20 μg.

  • 500 pcs/box

Finetech's RNA extraction columns comes with spin columns and collection tubes. The columns provide fast and reliable extraction of high quality RNA from tissues, cells, plants and blood with a binding capacity of 20 μg.

Extracted RNA is ready for use in many downstream applications, including Northern Blot, real-time PCR, translation and primer extension.

◆ Details

  • Up to 20 μg high purity plasmid RNA.

  • Good integrity and high purity.

  • High quality with reproducible yields.

  • 2 mL collection tube with 800 uL spin column.

  • 500pcs/box

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