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P Series Multichannel Micropipette

​◆ Key Features:

  • Available in the range of 0.5uL to 300uL

  • Autoclavable 121°C (20min)

  • Corrosion-resistant piston and ejector

​◆ Product Description

Finetech's variable volume micropipettes are products of intensive ergonomic and operational studies and the application of modern innovative materials.They are the perfect manual pipettes for demanding laboratory applications and scientists who prefer central pipetting buttons. The micropipettes provide all of the features required by users working in the life sciences field. Robust, one-handed operation, easy to calibrate, completely autoclavable, with high precision and reliability.


​◆ Easy Handling

A particular advantage of the Finetech's multichannel pipette is the easy operation, such as when performing serial pipetting of immunological assays, and making serial dilutions or filling of 96-well plates for cell cultures. Pipetting is easy and convenient, with reduced risk for hands injury when repetitively pipetting. The ergonomic finger rest takes the load off the hand, reducing the need for a tight grip on the pipette, and reduces fatigue. With true one-handed operation, one hand can change the volume easily and conveniently.


​◆ Lightweight-Accurate-Low force

The piston-operated micropipettes provides maximum versatility and optimum quality over the entire volume range. There are 5 different volumes for the 8 and 12 channel micropipette, which  covers 0.5-300μl.

​◆ Features

  • Large central pipetting button and separate ejection function.

  • One-handed operation for both right- and left-handers.

  • Completely autoclavable at 121°C (20min).

  • Volume-change protection.

  • Vertical 4-position volume display, allows a clear view in either hand.

  • Short stroke of only 12.5mm to reduce the risk of RSI (Repetitive Strain Injury).

  • Corrosion-resistant piston and ejector.

  • Rotating dispensing head for optimal pipetting convenience.

  • Optimized standard design for the tip cone allows compatibility with a wide range of tips.


P Series Multichannel Micropipette Diagr
P Series Micropipette Volume Display
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