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Finetech Oil-Free Piston Vacuum Pumps


​◆ Key Features:

  • No air pollution & maintenance free.

  • Quiet and low vibration.

  • Chemical resistant.

  • Built in thermal protection.

  • Easy to carry design: light and portable.

  • High performance pump.

  • Runs steadily for long periods of time.

​◆ Product Description

Oil-free operation and maintenance free, Finetech's vacuum pumps offer an environmentally friendly and cost-effective vacuum pump for use in any lab.

The VS01 has  max vacuum of 650mmHg and a max flow rate of 22 L/min for a pump for 110v and 18 L/min for 220v.

The VS08 has  max vacuum of 670mmHg and a max flow rate of 110 L/min for a pump for 110v and 90 L/min for 220v.

Every series of pump from Finetech has a built in thermal protection device to shut off the pump automatically when overheated and will be usable again when the temperature cools down.

The weight is 4.1kg for VS01 and 11kg for VS08, making it easy to carry.

​◆ Applications

  • Filtration for microbiology test

  • Air sampling

  • Suspended solid test

  • Vacuum filtration​

​◆ International certifications:

  • CE certification

  • CSA certification

  • UL Standard





​◆ Packaging Design

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