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NH2 SPE Cartridge

Extracting moderately-polar and acidic compounds


Finetech® NH₂ sorbent is composed of aminopropyl-bonded silica gel. It retains analytes via strongly polar interactions in organic solutions and via weak anion exchange in aqueous solutions.

◆ Features:

  • Retaining compounds in normal phase or anion exchange mode

  • Capable of cleaning up biological samples with complicated matrix components

◆ Specifications:


Carbon content: 4.5%

Surface area: 480 m²/g
Particle size: 40-75 μm
Pore size: 70 Å

◆ Applications:

  • Removal of negatively charged species such as sulfuric acids

  • Determination of drugs and their metabolites such as β2-adrenergic agonists and salicylic acid in biological fluids (blood and urine)

  • Determination of macrolide residues in foods and water

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