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Glass 300ul Shell Micro-inserts (IB300)

◆ Key Features:

  • Product: Micro Insert

  • Product No.: IB300

  • Size: 31 x 6mm

  • Package: 100/PK

◆ Description

Inserts vials are an economical choice for many routine HPLC applications.
Polyspring inserts are self-centering with a spring to provide a cushion against needle contact.

Scientific shell vials are sold including polyethylene plug to assure proper fit and function.

◆ Features

1. 300uL glass shell vial.
2. High Quality Inserts with flat bottom, used with 9mm screw-thread vials
3. These types of small volume inserts are available for use with 2ml Autosampler screw top vials. Made with high precision, these inserts offer reliability and will not contaminate your samples. Simply drop them into  your autosampler vials for use.
4. These inserts are the best choice when using low volumes of biological or basic compounds that might interact or adsorb to borosilicate glass

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