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Enteral Feeding Set


◆ Key Features:

  • Capacity: 700ml

  • Single pack: 20PCS/CTN

  • Non-toxic, non-pyrogenic, non-latex

  • EO sterilization available

◆ Introduction

Patients in a comatose or vegetative state are unable to eat or drink on their own. Through the use of an enteral feeding container, patients can directly receive all their required nutrients. Patients that are unable to properly ingest foods on their own, such as those with motor neuron disease or those that has had a stroke, can also benefit from the use of enteral feeding.


Enteral feeding containers offer an alternative to single-use feeding bags. Its reusability makes it an economical choice while also being more environmentally friendly from the reduction of wastes.


  • Capacity: 700ml

  • Quantity: 20PCS/CTN

  • 130cm tubing

  • Easy-to-read graduation

  • Clear drip chamber for easy viewing

  • Built-in strong and adjustable hanging strap

  • Large opening at the top for easy filling and minimizing spills & waste


  • Reusable

  • A more economical and environmentally friendly choice

  • Safe and easy to use

  • Transparent material for visual inspections

  • Strong and reliable strap for hanging on any IV pole

  • Smart design on the bottom allows easy cleaning

  • Adjustable hanging strap

  • Flow rate adjustable by the locking tip

  • Container and tubes are removable and replaceable



Feeding Container Set,




700ml Feeding Container,




Feeding Tube,


◆ Finetech Feeding Container Patent

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