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Electronic Pipette Controller

​◆ Key Features:

  • For pipettes with volume of 0.1mL to 200mL

  • Weight: 190g

  • Fast pipetting speed

  • About 12 hours of continuous use per charge

​◆ Product Features

  • COMFORTABLE: Ergonomic hand-grip. Weighs only 190g and has a perfectly balanced design - for fatigue-free pipetting, even in prolonged operations.

  • SINGLE-HANDED OPERATION: With the pipette controller, you have variable-speed control with just two buttons. In addition, you can select your preferred maximum motor speed to improve sensitivity and control with low-volume pipettes.

  • POWERFUL AND QUIET: At maximum motor speed, a 50mL pipette is filled in less than 10 seconds. Motor and pump operate quietly and with very low vibration.

  • ADVANCED CHARGING: The intelligent battery charger prevents overcharging of the NiMH battery. It effectively reduces the memory effect (shortened operating time due to premature recharging). No need to worry about having enough battery power left to finish your series. A flashing LED light will alert you approx. two hours in advance.

​◆ Specifications

  • Weight: 190g

  • Operating and charging temperature: +10°C to 35°C

  • Pipetting Speed: 50mL in less than 10 seconds

  • For glass and plastic pipettes from 0.1mL to 200mL

  • Approx. twelve hours of continuous pipetting (with 10mL pipette)

  • NiMH battery 2.4V/700mAH

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