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Disposable Cell Scraper & Lifter

​◆ Key Features:

  • Sterilization: EO

  • Packaging: Individually packed

  • Overall Length: 180mm (FT510-1)​​; 250mm (FT510-2)​; 150mm (FT510-3)

  • Tip Width: 20/30mm (FT510-1, FT510-2); 20mm (FT510-3)

​◆ Product Description

  • The blade of the cell scraper is made of TPE material (FT510-1 & FT510-2). The long shaft is made of ABS material (FT510-1 & FT510-2). It is mainly used for cells collection. Excellent design ensures minimum harm to cells and superior structure can make it contact to almost all the container surface.

  • Special blade free-turning design can keep ideal angle when collecting cells.

  • Made of elastic material, the blade is soft to make sure the cells won't be harmed.

  • The cell lifter is made of superior TPE material which has a good tenacity.

  • Angle design for the lifter blade makes the cell collection smooth without heap.

  • E.O. sterilized.

​◆ Specifications

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