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Carb-GCB/PSA SPE Cartridge

Cleanup of samples in multi-residual pesticide analysis

Finetech® Carb-GCB/PSA is a sorbent similar to Carb-GCB/NH₂ and suitable for cleaning samples up in multi-residual pesticide analysis.

Due to its additional secondary amino groups, PSA has higher ion exchange capability and ability to chelate some metal ions, thus providing Carb-GCB/PSA with unique selectivity different from Carb-GCB/NH₂.

◆ Features:

  • Ultra thin frits between two sorbent layers promises uniform flow

  • Capable of removing interference as thoroughly as possible

  • Higher capability than Carb-GCB/NH2

◆ Specifications for Carb-GCB:

Surface area: 100 m²/g

Particle size: 100-300 mesh

◆ Specifications for PSA:

Carbon content: 8%
Surface area: 480 m²/g

Particle size: 50-75 μm

Pore size: 70 Å

◆ Applications:​

  • Analysis of multi-residual pesticides in foods

  • Determination of residual neonicotinoid pesticides in soil, fruit and wine samples

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