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C18 SPE Cartridge

Extracting non-polar compounds


Finetech® C18 sorbent is composed of endcapped octadecyl-bounded silica gel particles and retains non-polar compounds by hydrophobic interactions. It can retain most organic compounds and is widely used in areas such as environmental monitoring and food safety.

◆ Features:

  • High carbon content

  • Fully endcapped surface coverage, reducing interference from basic and polar compounds

  • Stable over a broader pH range

◆ Specifications:


Carbon content: 17.6%

Surface area: 300 m²/g
Particle size: 40-75 μm
Pore size: 70 Å

◆ Applications:​

  • Analysis of drugs, poisons, pollutants and their metabolites in biological matrices

  • Separation of biomolecules such lipids, antibiotics, bile acids and saccharides

  • Determination of mycotoxins such as fumonisins in foods

  • Determination of preservatives in cosmetics and skin care products

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