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Binder-free Glass Microfiber Filter

◆ Key Features:

  • Product: Binder free micro glass fiber filters

  • Package: 100PCS/PK

◆ Finetech-Glass Microfiber Filter

Micro-glass fiber filters offer high efficiency, sub-micron particle retention combined with high permeability and high dust holding capacity. Micro-glass filters are made of high-purity borosilicate glass microfibers that are biologically inert and resistant to most solvents and reagents with the exception of hydrofluoric acid and highly concentrated alkali solutions.


Binder-free grades are temperature resistant to about 500℃.

Grade MGHA can withstand temperatures to 550℃.

Grades with binders can resist temperatures of about 180℃ and brief exposures to 250℃.

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