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ALN SPE Cartridge

Extracting aromatic amines

ALN – Neutral Alumina

Finetech® Alumina is an extremely polar sorbent, like silica. Its abundance of surface electrons engenders π-π interaction with aromatic rings, giving rise to strongly polar retention and Lewis acidity. Compared with un-bonded silica, alumina is more stable in high pH conditions and suitable for extracting aromatic amines.


Alumina is available in acidic (ALA), neutral (ALN) and basic (ALB) formulations from which you can choose an appropriate one according to your specific applications.

◆ Features:

  • Good retention for electron-rich compounds such as aromatic amines

  • More stable than un-bonded silica in high pH conditions

  • High capabilities

◆ Specifications:

Surface area: >150 m²/g
pH: 4.0 for ALA, 7.0 for ALN, 9.5 for ALB

◆ Applications:​

  • Analysis of amines, phenols and glycosides in biological matrices, such as pyrocatechol

  • Determination of residual pesticides, veterinary drugs and pollutants in vegetables and fruits, such as Sudan dyes, malachite green and organophosphorus pesticides

  • Determination of synthetic pigments in water

  • Analysis of oil components

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