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2mL/4mL Vial Rack

​◆ Key Features:

  • Model No.: RV001 (2mL); RV002 (4mL)

  • Material: PP Polypropylene Plastic 

  • Color: Blue 

  • Specifications: 2mL/4mL 

  • Can accommodate 50 vials


  1. Made of PP plastic. Even if it is exposed to organic solvents, it will not deform as compared to some plexiglass racks on the market.

  2. Designed for storing chromatography vials. It can be stacked safely and stably, whether empty or full.

  3. With number and letter marks to coordinate sample bottle position. Accurate and convenient testing.

  4. Cost-effective.

  5. Separate mold manufacturing, non-combined products.

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